Specialty Classes

Specialty classes are taught on a rotating basis throughout the year. The next specialty class that will be taught is always decided by the students who are interested in participating. Consult the school bulletin board or visit our Facebook page for information on current and upcoming specialty classes. For photos of various specialty classes, check out our Specialty Class Photo Gallery.

List of Available Classes

  • Kun Wu Sword (Kun Wu Jian)
  • Dragon Phoenix Double Swords (Long Fang Shuang Jian)
  • Young Tiger Swallow (Xiao Hu Yan)
  • Saber Breaks Spear (Dan Dao Po Hua Qiang)
  • Small Plum Blossom Saber (Xiao Mei Hua Dan Dao)
  • Plum Blossom Double Saber (Mei Hua Shuang Dao)
  • Sum Moon Double Rings (Ri Yue Shuang Huan)
  • Seize and Control Techniques (Chin Na)
  • Eight Trigrams Palm (Ba Gua Zhang)
  • Mind/Intent Boxing (Hsing I)
  • Iron Fan (Tek Shen)
  • General Yang's Large Spear (Yang Shi Da Hua Qiang)
  • General Guan's Long Handle Knife (Chun Qiu Da Guan Dao)
  • Startling Rainbow Sword (Jing Hong Jian)