Our School

At the Chinese Kung Fu Center, we carry on the teaching traditions of Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin by encouraging students to better their minds and spirits while also training their bodies.

We believe the arts of Northern Style Shao Lin Kung Fu and Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan are not merely forms of physical exercise and conditioning, but a means by which students develop greater self-awareness, discipline and respect for themselves and others.

The Chinese Kung Fu Center stresses individual growth rather than competition. Our instructors and students work together in a positive, encouraging atmosphere. Students receive individual attention and advance at their own pace.

One of the main styles we teach at the Center is Northern Style Shao Lin Kung Fu, an external art that emphasizes power and practical applications for self-defense. Dedicated learning and practice of Shao Lin improves balance, flexibility and strength, provides aerobic conditioning and promotes self-confidence.

The other main style we teach at the Center is Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan, an internal art that focuses on relieving stress, stimulating positive energy and increasing self awareness. Students of Tai Chi find their balance, coordination, flexibility and poise in daily life improve as they advance in the style.

For intermediate and advanced students of both Shao Lin and Tai Chi, we offer additional specialty classes in Ba Gua, Hsing I, Chin Na and many traditional Chinese weapons.

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